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The key technology(Zhuhai)Co., LTD(Formerly known as“Zhuhai makes high mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD”)

Renovoair Zhuhai LtdEnvironment that is focused on computer room and equipment precision control technology of state-level high-tech enterprises,The specialty is engaged in the hospital、Communication、Railway、For the development of power station and computer room precision air conditioning、Design、Manufacture and sale。

Since2007Years since its founding,Key company always insist on the management and quality is the foundation of the enterprise's survival,Set up a complete set of management system has passedISO9001Quality management...

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Renault modular machine room air conditioning

Renault's air conditioning between columns

Renault precision air conditioning

Renault micro modular data center

Renault's cabinet air conditioning-New type of single cabinet refrigeration system
Renault modular machine room air conditioning
The key company at Beijing communication show success

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To provide users with the best quality pre-sale、After sales service and long-term maintenance